Artazar is a flexible & financially independent structure created by Laurent Molter to analyse contemporary societies.
It is made is to analyse for everyone to understand: explore complexity, discover different systems, break it down into specifics, create models & storylines that stick to reality. The use of open-source tools & public datasets supports the belief that everything is here & just has to be found. Each analysis might involve independent individuals or organisations - without fixed strings but following information wherever it is.
The work looks at societies around the world and their pillars. This gives perspective & ensures all scenarios are considered - otherwise it would feel incomplete. The work focuses on today - the contemporary period - which is defined by fundamental changes from the past (modern period) & future ones coming. Diversity in such a short period of time is key: imperfections & small signals are the beauty of today, together they form the world we live in.


There is nothing more complicated to analyse than art. This project consists in analysing trends, artists, artworks, markets, etc. Based on those analysis, acquisition and selling of artworks around the world is made - giving the project some reality and criticality. This is the ultimate scale to mesure an analyst level.


Laurent Molter
Born in 1987 in Metz, FR.
Lives & works in London, UK.
Laurent has a Masters degree in Engineering from ENSIACET in Toulouse (2011), with an exchange program at ETH Zurich (2010), a Specialized Masters degree in Innovation & Entrepreurship from ESCP Europe in Paris (2012) and a certification in Big Data from MIT (2015). This gave him a knowledge base and necessary skillset on systems, information and evolution.
Laurent did an intership at Airbus Helicopter in Marseille (2010), creating the Design Book for Civil and Military Aircraft (restricted). It was his first work on a structured document containing all necessary information. He launched a start-up in Paris (2011), company officially closed in 2013 learning technology adoption is always uncertain. He joined Criteo as an Data Analyst in London (2012). He then old several managerial positions in Boston (2014), New York City (2016) with teams also located in Sao Paulo and San Francisco. He finally moved back to the UK (2018) as Senior Manager for Data Science & Analysis with teams located in London, Amsterdam & Stockhlom. This incredible experience made him learn everything possible about analysis & data while travelling some parts of the world.
Laurent started to work on analysing contemporary societies in New York City (2017). Artazar company was officially registered in the UK (2019).


All the materials: CV, pictures, etc.