Analyse the contemporary world.
Going beyond data.
While we have a massive amount of data, we do not stop there. We build in-house modelling and simulation, create forward-looking analysis and visualisation.
Focusing on contemporary.
Our scope focuses on contemporary societies. Everything is always up-to-date. We do not believe in silos, we understand that one thing can have an impact on different ones. That is why we gather everything into one place and analyse contemporary systems as a whole, highlighting the existing or potential interdependencies.
Cutting-edge navigation.
Our navigation is the fastest possible, our platform works on all devices and all screens. No software is needed, everything is made in-house including data visualisation.
They use us.
The world is made of so many different people, our user-base reflects that:
Journalists for contextual information.
Universities for research.
NGOs for issue assessment.
Economists for systems and simulation.
Marketers for market sizing.
Brands for trends.
Technologists for impact.
Politicians for decision making.
Businesses for positionning.
Art collectors for insights.
Sport clubs for development.
Company account.
Contact us at for custom company plan which can include custom dashboard, widget, API, reports, etc.
You are in good company:
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