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Explore 110,193 entities & 644,598 facts.
⚠️ The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the world in an unprecedented way - we are doing our best to update our reports accordingly.
From unique entities to the big picture.
All analysis are based on true and tracked entities. This allows us to report on those and create the big picture from the bottom-up. We do not leave anything behind, we look at all pillars that constitutes our societies as each one can impact the other.
There is a plan for everyone.
We make a base of our work available for free to anyone with an Internet connection. To access the entire model, you can get an individual premium subscription. We also develop Beyond solutions for organisations.
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The Artazar Project.
Artazar's mission is to analyse contemporary societies and make contextual information available to individuals and organisations through a made-for-exploration interface.
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